Production Capability

Needless to say that our products comply with all requirements regarding functionality, reliability and user-friendliness. You can rely on our competent advice and support. We are thoroughly familiar with all aspects related to closure technology, manufacturing in a production area of 9000m2. Just as our closures match your bottles our services match your needs as regards cost effectiveness, safety, state of the art technology and service.

19 litre water bottle caps
19 litre water bottle caps


In customer relations, the same level of importance is attached to service quality as product quality. It is essential for our company to gain profit from its activities in order to continue its existence. However, ensuring customer loyalty and improving each other will always be the priorities. Within the establishment, personnel trainings and improvements will continue constantly.

Why mould craft engineering

Mould craft engineering is one of the leader company as caps supplier for 19 liter bottle, Lids more than decades. Mould craft engineering gives you choices with a broad spectrum or attractively. By using the highest technology to find the most economic cap solutions for the customer needs caused Mould craft engineering.

19 litre water bottle caps

Customer Satisfaction

Mould craft engineering truly values our customer satisfaction and we’re excited to reveal the latest results of our customer satisfaction survey.

  • “Excellent customer service” was one of the top reasons customers listed for why they purchase caps from Mould craft engineering
  • Over 90% of our customers rated the customer service at Mould craft engineering as either excellent or above average.
  • The majority of respondents rated Mould craft engineering in the top 10% for overall performance when compared to other packaging suppliers
  • Mould craft engineering met on-time delivery expectations for 100% of customer survey respondents.